Chilling to some Synthwave / Retrowave while I try to get some serious work done. What do you folks listen to when you need to buckle down and get shit done?

@zi11ion Depends on my mood, tbh. Usually Metal, blues or jazz. Occasionally techno or synthwave. Video Game OSTs are also real good for me as they're usually meant to be background audio.

@njoos I've been stricken speechless.

Oh god it's over 11 hours

@zi11ion I made a playlist of cool/weird film scores for this express purpose. Works great, makes desk-based creation feel dramatic.

@cultured Interesting. I'll check it out.
This is what I've been listening to, and more from the same channel:

@zi11ion bookmarked! shares a lot of similar vibes to some of my favorite scores like Tron and Blade Runner.

@zi11ion Warm Focus from is my go to. An incredible mix of instrumental music:

(Or, when things get serious, I still go back to the Daft Punk's Tron soundtrack. It's INCREDIBLE)

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