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9/11 memories 

I remember playing the Metal Gear Solid 2 demo on this day in 2001. I don't remember why.

Finally finished the main campaign for Resident Evil 7. I'm late to the party for the game, but I largely enjoyed the game. Now to play through the DLC.

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i stole this from tumblr but only bc it’s so correct

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Happy Monday everyone! What's everyone's plan to cope with the crushing depression that the slow collapse of society is causing?

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politics/mental health 

I'm not going to listen to hours of politics news today, so I don't have to deal with crippling depression this evening.

Graphic Tablet Recommendations? 

I found a Wacom Cintiq 13HD Interactive Pen Display (2013) for $450. Is this worth it or would it be better to put that money towards something else? I don't own any pen display/tablets currently.

Dungeons & Dragon night for me. Pretty excited. It's a all-goblin-player one-shot. Character voices will be enforced.

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Through the darkness of future's past,

The admin longs to see.

One toots out between two instances...

"Fire boost with me."

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btw our very own @levdavidovichthotsky actually forced alex trebek to say turd ferguson on the air

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Back after my Labor Day break. Did I miss anything? What's the latest scandal that makes us forget about the previous scandals?

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Classic joke format: A bunch of crows are called a "murder of crows" but what do you call a bunch of murderers? 

A defense contractor.

plz boost.

Griping, Social Anxiety 

I don't talk much because when I do someone is quick to contradict me or try to combat me on whatever I'm talking about. Doesn't matter how serious or silly the thing is, it's like people out there have to make a fight out of it so they can "win" or something. I'd rather have a dialogue than an argument.

So, to avoid that I'm usually quiet. I guess it doesn't make sense on social media, but that's how it is with me. It's rather lonely but I'd rather not argue with folks.

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Live in 5 I'm taking a wee break from Total War (it will return next week!) and doing some multiplayer Don't Starve Together!

@SL128 will be joining me and if we have spare spot you are more than welcome to pop in. :)


When you're having a bad brain day and need to stream, sometimes switching it up and grabbing a few pals can be just what you need. <3

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Live on Twitch today: Darkest Dungeon 

Live in 5, our town is growing and our adventures continue.

I mean, what's a few heart attacks along the way?


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Live on Twitch today: Ni no Kuni II 

Live in 5, continuing from Chapter 4.

Castle is built, now we must recruit all the people! But also actually do the main storyline, booooo.


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