Folks at Giant Bomb were right: Windjammers is really fun! Nice fit for the Switch too.

I saw Dead Mountaineer's Hotel (1979) at a local film Festival. It felt like an Agatha Christie style murder mystery (complete with a wild collection of characters) mixed with Soviet science fiction weirdness. It was pretty fascinating.

A new art museum in Helsinki opened with an exhibition by a Japanese art collective teamLab. It was really interesting to watch the museum-goers have fun interacting with the art even if it was mostly just posing and taking selfies.

My mother's hairdresser told her a ridiculous story that supposedly happened to one of her client's relatives, but was, in fact, an urban legend. I miss Important If True.

Two Point Hospital felt like a nice, relaxing sim game until I realized that there is only one save slot. It is probably fine, but sure got me anxious about investing in new stuff.

Other than that, the game has been fun! (Though, I have only played about an hour so far.)

Decided to try animating vector graphics in code. SVG.js seems to offer everything I need at the moment.

(Choppiness due to gif conversion.)

That is the face of someone who has just landed on a new planet, but also is not quite sure about the delta-v requirements to get back home.

Oh, what I did yesterday? Saw Kamasi Washington, Fever Ray, Kendrick Lamar and St. Vincent live back-to-back.

Spent a couple of hours preparing a Mun base in Kerbal Space Program. As I started assembling it in orbit, I found out that my docking ports were not compatible. Now I know how NASA feels whenever some tiny little mistake ruins their massive undertaking.

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