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out of the park baseball presents a compelling alternate universe where theres giant ads for jackfruit in yankee stadium

Hello! Just a heads up that we're now on Mastodon v3.5.1. Apologies for the extreme delay.

I’m still excited about the Playdate launch and when my game Sasquatchers becomes available and people can see this joke which was accidentally created by the random title generator and was also funnier and more clever than anything than I could’ve come up with intentionally.

Okay, all up-to-date! Hopefully also all working as expected.

Sorry this thing has drifted so far out of date, I'm going to try to bump it up to the latest over the course of the day, buckle up!

Dove back into the Thrilling Adventure Hour back catalog and I have all the theme songs stuck in my head again, so how’s your day?

Updated to Mastodon 3.0 finally, which includes account migration.

(TL;DR) In case you wondered how little Oracle cares about MySQL, the ability to store a TIMESTAMP value after 2038-01-19 03:14:07 is considered a feature request.

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Is 2037 the year that this MySQL bug from 2005 finally gets upgraded from "Feature Request?":

Also, if you’re a conspiracy theorist, the Presidio Trust has done you the favor of adding two layers of fencing and a very modern gate mechanism.

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I run by this old military building in the Presidio all the time, and if you’re a location scout or conspiracy theorist who needs a secret entrance to a giant clandestine underground facility, here you go.

This looks like a thing you'd find at Bosco's in a Sam & Max episode.

I'm not confident anyone at this company has worn a shirt before.

I call this "hospital versus actual nurses". The cabinet is full of coffee cups.

You know you're visiting an old timey company when they don't give you free coffee. A perk so minimal that even car dealership service departments give it away for free.

One of my favorite architectural features is the obvious former pay phone alcove. This one brought to you by Davies Symphony Hall in SF.

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