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Oh man, Katamari Damacy on the Switch is basically the only thing I've ever wanted from video games ever.

I look forward to finding out what other motions will accidentally trigger the apple watch's fall detection feature. adminnnnnn 

There's really nothing better than the list of predefined network services when opening inbound ports on a router.

Also: If you scroll back through the history of the USGS's coverage of the Kilauea eruption, they're weirdly obsessed with the status of a specific boat ramp.

This USGS time-lapse video of the collapse of Kilauea's summit during the months-long eruption is pretty fascinating:

All in all a perfect summary of how I feel about coffee culture, as a person that would happily drink the coffee from Golden Gate Transit ferries.

who called it `git blame` and not `git whose-line-is-it-anyway`?

What I need in a hotel room:
• Outlets near the bed
• Free WiFi
• No blinking lights at night

What hotels think I need:
• Ice bucket for wine
• Mysterious fingerprints on the wine glass
• Ice pick, blood drying on the sharp tip
• Body of a renowned physics professor in the doorway

For folks... 

Oh hey the Apple Watch has a numeric keypad now when answering phone calls. When did that appear?

For those of you who used to be all "I wish I could just pay for Twitter...": You're on Mastodon now. And you absolutely can pay for it:

Humble suggestion that “shitposting” on masto be renamed to “pooptootin”

The last couple of weeks, Twitter's been doing their best to make me feel good about my decision to leave it. It's pretty thoughtful of them, actually.

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