@Gargron there was a time when Firefox refused to support mp3, but that was years ago.

@ja2ke Oh, I'm pretty sure anyone who drank that coffee paid a price.

You know you're visiting an old timey company when they don't give you free coffee. A perk so minimal that even car dealership service departments give it away for free.

@max @mogwai_poet plus you can bake it as well done as you like, which I appreciate as a fan of crispy pizza.

@mogwai_poet Pieology bothers me especially because we *already* had the ability to just make up arbitrary pizzas. All they did was add the time pressure of having to figure it out while someone stares at you.

@CarlMuckenhoupt Or animated remakes of their live-action catalog? Let's go, animated The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes.

@parrots Sounds like it might have been a bug on Apple's end.

@cordeos That's amazing... I don't think I've ever been on a whale watching trip where we saw enough whale to be convinced it was actually a whale and not just some kelp.

One of my favorite architectural features is the obvious former pay phone alcove. This one brought to you by Davies Symphony Hall in SF.

@hasya23 (Also: a rare case where the classic internet wrong use of 'defiantly' instead of 'definitely' would have worked)

@hasya23 They should definitely be locking their computers, though.

If ios allowed globbing in blocked phone numbers I think it'd solve 40-50% of my robocall issues. I'm kind of tempted to try building my own call filtering app just to allow me to do that.

Full retail for a game that comes with all the traditional drawbacks of digital storefronts, but also I can't play it offline or keep it when Google product management inevitably loses interest in this whole endeavor.

Yeah that's a hard pass on Stadia, thanks Google.

@foozmeat Okay but can the crank recharge the battery? I think that's obviously the most important thing we need to know.

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