Face ID is super cool until you have to wear a face mask to go outside.

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The Extrasolar servers are shutting down on December 1st. If you still want to remote-pilot a rover to document the ecology of an alien planet, you've got a couple weeks left!


Hey Americans: before you go vote today (and you should definitely do that) take a moment to decide what you're voting for *in advance*. This message brought to you by the people waiting in line at my polling place.

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@bigzaphod The blue ring is my nemesis. It's so annoying that on a day where I run 10 miles I could conceivably not close one of the rings.

First you turn "favourite" into "like", then you make "like" do stupid shit, then you have to remove the "like" because it does stupid shit :thounking:

@CarlMuckenhoupt Pretty sure you're supposed to reply with "What's a butsbal?"

Lessons learned from visiting Disney World: Kids doing the Fortnite dances while trying to make eye contact with you is a thing now apparently.

Vail resorts customer service phone number: "We're experiencing higher than normal call volume. Please call back later." <hangs up>

Because, you know, customer service.

I just did an escape room and it was really great, hooray!

@coaxmetal @andygorman email is legitimately the worst. Authoritative DNS is pretty okay. I favor tinydns for simplicity and speed, but you have to kind of buy into the weird world of djb software like daemontools and multilog.

@coaxmetal @andygorman Aw, so much DNS hate in this thread. It's not so bad. It's not email.

Oh man, Katamari Damacy on the Switch is basically the only thing I've ever wanted from video games ever.

@deathmtn @mikew You can actually adjust the honey flavor after you eat it.

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