@CarlMuckenhoupt I definitely use the phrase "reboot the coffee maker" more than I'd like at work.

@jennegatron @cordeos Haha... I feel like downtown Sacramento has come a long way recently-ish (like... the last couple of decades).

@cordeos @LeonardHCizewski (I ask because Sacramento's pretty nice, especially if you can swing a place near the city proper). Just make sure you have AC in the summertime :)

@cordeos Yeah, we were there in July and the bike infrastructure there is insane. It makes me super jealousl Good job having lots of old rail corridors ready to convert :)

@cordeos I have to say, I really admire the whole city's commitment to bicycling.

@andygorman I greatly enjoyed the first one, and then never played the rest because I didn't own another playstation system after that. If they ever came to the Switch, I'd be all over them in a heartbeat.

Important London travel advice, courtesy of Cisco Travel

@cordeos "We figured out how to set this thing up once, and damned if we're going to have to live through that a second time."

@cordeos Ah, the Eternal Webex. I hope that sign was placed there to obstruct the cameras for privacy during non-meeting times.

Guess I can retroactively feel pretty good about ditching the Roku platform years ago.

Wizard Jam, the EIGHTH annual Idle Thumbs community game jam starts next Friday and runs for two weeks! Come make games with us! idlethumbs.net/forums/topic/12

Sorry for the lengthy downtime overnight, migrating all the existing media to S3 took a long time and I fell asleep. But it's done now, and we shouldn't be running out of disk space again (at least, not because of media uploads).

To test things out, here's a picture of a cat.

Heyyyy, the server should be back alive, sorry about that. Vacations :(

Face ID is super cool until you have to wear a face mask to go outside.

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The Extrasolar servers are shutting down on December 1st. If you still want to remote-pilot a rover to document the ecology of an alien planet, you've got a couple weeks left!


Hey Americans: before you go vote today (and you should definitely do that) take a moment to decide what you're voting for *in advance*. This message brought to you by the people waiting in line at my polling place.

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