@CarlMuckenhoupt I tried to launch a survey to better account for their perspective, but they pooped on my deck and I don’t know how that fits the model.

I had imagined that the best case for growing strawberries was a nice harvest of strawberries, but the reality is that even when the plant is super productive the fruit all ripen asynchronously so it yields a berry every 3 days.

food - candy 

@ja2ke it looks like a candy geode

Anyone got tips for keeping raccoons away from tomatoes? *I* want to eat those tomatoes.

@lritter this is how I felt about the “not connected to the internet” dinosaur game in Chrome. Until I switched to Firefox.

@bigzaphod Classic "pizza place is right next door" problem. Your pizza either shows up super fresh or very cold.

(“Honeybee” may also be incorrect, I’m at best bee-curious)

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It’s really only notable because we’re in a city, so I’m assuming these bees are part of someone’s urban hive as opposed to living in the woods or something.

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My flowers get a bunch of friendly honeybee visitors - just for my own curiosity, anyone know if there’s a way to find out where they might be based? Maybe a registry of beekeepers or something? I have zero reason to know, really, but why not find out if I can?

@bkprbob @thomasconnor worth noting that if you’re in a sleeper dining car meals are included in the price.

@thomasconnor @pootriarch I’ve only done it once, but we didn’t have any snow issues. Lots of other mechanical issues, like waking up one morning in the Rockies with no power anywhere on the train, but I take that as part of the charm.

@thomasconnor SF is “light jacket” cold, Chicago is “oops my hair froze”cold.

@thomasconnor if you ever do the California Zephyr, let me strongly endorse doing it in the dead of winter. The wintertime views through the Rockies and Sierras are just incredible.

Downside: Chicago in that same winter.

Free product suggestion for streaming music services: let me enable a setting that excludes kids’ songs from the suggestion algorithm. Sure, my toddler wanted to hear the wheels on the bus five times, but I could live without it in my own mix.

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