Well, looks like the neighbors are having a journey to the center of the earth in the back yard again.

I’m glad The Atlantic is finally covering these important technology stories.

Oh great, the neighbor opened a portal to the netherworld in their shed again.

I’m rarely overly effusive about products from Trader Joe’s. They’re usually fine or at least interesting. But the frozen chocolate croissants are legitimately great.

My flowers get a bunch of friendly honeybee visitors - just for my own curiosity, anyone know if there’s a way to find out where they might be based? Maybe a registry of beekeepers or something? I have zero reason to know, really, but why not find out if I can?

"Elevated downstream 5xx errors" is a both a really handy thing to have monitored, and also, it's kind of...

I run by this old military building in the Presidio all the time, and if you’re a location scout or conspiracy theorist who needs a secret entrance to a giant clandestine underground facility, here you go.

This looks like a thing you'd find at Bosco's in a Sam & Max episode.

I'm not confident anyone at this company has worn a shirt before.

I call this "hospital versus actual nurses". The cabinet is full of coffee cups.

One of my favorite architectural features is the obvious former pay phone alcove. This one brought to you by Davies Symphony Hall in SF.

Sorry for the lengthy downtime overnight, migrating all the existing media to S3 took a long time and I fell asleep. But it's done now, and we shouldn't be running out of disk space again (at least, not because of media uploads).

To test things out, here's a picture of a cat.

There's really nothing better than the list of predefined network services when opening inbound ports on a router.

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