Wordle is in the bottom third of the NYT games. Spelling Bee and the crossword are way better “one a day” word games.


Today’s Bee probably has me beat, though. 33 words in, but the pangram is eluding me and time is running out.

@tabacco I think the appeal of Wordle is that is just a one and done. I usually don’t want to commit more attention to a more complicated puzzle every day, but it’s great for “this will take no longer than five minutes at worst” situations.

@SasquatcherGeneral I guess, I treat the Bee as something to chip away at over the course of the day as words occur to me. The crossword is more of a "thing to do in bed before going to sleep" situation.

@tabacco what annoys me about the Bee is that I played it for a week before I realized the letters don’t actually have to connect. I don’t consider that a failure on my part either, since that’s what the hex pattern suggests!

@SasquatcherGeneral @tabacco this was also my assumption about that game until one day I angrily used non-connecting letters

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