We’re back! Sorry about that brief domain renewal blooper.

Well, looks like the neighbors are having a journey to the center of the earth in the back yard again.

I’m glad The Atlantic is finally covering these important technology stories.

Last up is the highly synchronized Ballet of the Reclaimed Parking Spaces.

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Followed, of course, by the city’s worst civic event, the Parking Ticket Cavalcade.

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Street sweeping day means watching a chain of disappointed drivers who thought they just happened upon an entire magical block of open parking spaces.

It took me a minute to notice, but the background music in this Thai restaurant is definitely soft piano versions of Disney songs. Part of Your World was the giveaway.

Oh great, the neighbor opened a portal to the netherworld in their shed again.

I broke into a pack of name-brand cinnamon graham crackers and they were so disappointing I was worried I had Covid and couldn’t taste. But no, it turns out Graham crackers are just disappointing now.

Turns out that explaining DynamoDB to someone who’s never used it involves a lot of the word “but”.

HTTPS is just hypertext playing hard to GET

I’m rarely overly effusive about products from Trader Joe’s. They’re usually fine or at least interesting. But the frozen chocolate croissants are legitimately great.

I had imagined that the best case for growing strawberries was a nice harvest of strawberries, but the reality is that even when the plant is super productive the fruit all ripen asynchronously so it yields a berry every 3 days.

Anyone got tips for keeping raccoons away from tomatoes? *I* want to eat those tomatoes.

(“Honeybee” may also be incorrect, I’m at best bee-curious)

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It’s really only notable because we’re in a city, so I’m assuming these bees are part of someone’s urban hive as opposed to living in the woods or something.

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My flowers get a bunch of friendly honeybee visitors - just for my own curiosity, anyone know if there’s a way to find out where they might be based? Maybe a registry of beekeepers or something? I have zero reason to know, really, but why not find out if I can?

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