This looks like a thing you'd find at Bosco's in a Sam & Max episode.

I'm not confident anyone at this company has worn a shirt before.

I call this "hospital versus actual nurses". The cabinet is full of coffee cups.

You know you're visiting an old timey company when they don't give you free coffee. A perk so minimal that even car dealership service departments give it away for free.

One of my favorite architectural features is the obvious former pay phone alcove. This one brought to you by Davies Symphony Hall in SF.

If ios allowed globbing in blocked phone numbers I think it'd solve 40-50% of my robocall issues. I'm kind of tempted to try building my own call filtering app just to allow me to do that.

Full retail for a game that comes with all the traditional drawbacks of digital storefronts, but also I can't play it offline or keep it when Google product management inevitably loses interest in this whole endeavor.

Yeah that's a hard pass on Stadia, thanks Google.

Sorry for some quick instance downtime there. Should all be back and happy now.

Updated Mastodon to 2.8.0, which means there's poll support now.

"Apple Pay has become the preferred way to pay for... almost everything!" - except, of course, the App Store and iTunes.

This well-written piece in the New York Times is a pretty good summation of what I enjoy about long-distance Amtrak trips (and why you should stick to western and midwestern routes if you do it):

I can't wait for the reveal of a gaming console by a company with a history of poor customer support and a short attention span for products.

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