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106h later, I'm done. I think at some point in the future I might revisit this, with a radically different build, but for now I'm joining my Moon Wife in her 1000-year space journey

elden ring 

hey I've seen a LOT of bullshit in video games. Heck, I love the La-Mulana games. Ordina, Lithurgical Town might be the MOST bullshit I've ever seen in a game. I am FUMING.

Part of my current immigration process: I need to post a legal notice somewhere in my house for 10 days. So now my little whiteboard has a legal document attached to it that no one will ever see, but that somehow fulfills a "public notice" requirement. Rules are weird.

(now that I think about it, 10^6 steps of Euler method should be totally fine. I wonder if their code has other gremlins.)

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trying to help a poor soul who was given a stiff ODE and no instruction on numerical integration. They had to go to a 10^-2 step size and needed to solve it for a 10^4 order of magnitude in time. Runge-Kutta saves lives, folks

I WILL shut up about Elden Ring one day, but that day is not today.

I think I might have stumbled into a glass cannon build that is being a lot of fun; if I get a solid opening, I can out-DPS pretty much anything, but I need to be extremely aggressive and have essentially no defensive options other than "run like hell".

It leads to a variance of outcomes that is pretty high, but that I will think will benefit me when I start hitting the more difficult bosses.

It made me think of how often people might be ordering stuff online, completely forgetting about it and never receiving it. What a weird world we live in.

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Apparently I bought some anime DVDs in September of last year (Nichijou, if anyone cares). Anyway just got an email saying they've been shipped

Elden Ring's "let's stagger these two giant archers juuuuust enough that the second one starts shooting you when you attack the first" never fails to get me, again and again. Extremely mean and extremely effective.

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important Elden Ring update: 70h in and I just jumped into a coffin that just went to space. I don't understand this game or how it can even exist, but I like it a lot

I might stick to it this time though; staying on twitter for promo-like stuff that needs eyeballs, mastodon for the shitposts and rambling about video games

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Every time I come back to Mastodon I get excited about the idea of it, the concepts, the structure. Then I get sad when no one's here.

I am tooting this in the hopes of making @jennegatron 's local timeline finally have something.

also: a strangely high number of Grabbed by the Ghoulies items.

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Herbert Art Gallery in Coventry has an expo on the history of Rare at the moment. It includes this excellent item.

so there you go. preservation is a serious thing. never presume "everything is forever saved on the internet". we're losing cultural artifacts all the time.

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also here's a boring story: today I decided to look for any audio I could find from a band from my hometown back in Brazil. They were never big, but released a couple of (self-published) EPs and had a following for a solid 5 years or so. ]-
They disbanded in 2007 or so, just when video was becoming more popular, so the only youtube results are a few terrible quality live recordings.
Other than a single soundcloud track (posted by a childhood friend of mine), there is absolutely nothing.

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