Gear, gear upgrades, gem slots in gear, skills, skill upgrades, configurable special attacks, fighting styles and's a lot.

Playing this new god of war and with all the talk about its story I was unprepared for how extremely a video game it is.

Kinda ready for the whole 69/nice thing to be over with tbh

No problem
No worries
You're good
It's cool

I think my cats adjusted to daylight savings faster than I have...

I need to come to terms with the fact that I will never like wasabi peas.

I played a lot of Twinfold this weekend and I'm here to tell you that, unlike the superbowl, it is Good.

Finally deposited my Sony Other OS class action check today 🤑

And if you're wondering, the first movie mostly holds up with the stunning exception of the credits music

Sometimes you stumble on websites that make you miss the old internet so bad

Oh also the main character in this machine-apocalypse is named "Aloy" and the dude that raised her is named "Rost". Nobody else has these weird metal-pun names (yet) thank god.

Horizon has dead body audio logs within like the first five minutes which is just setting off all my bad video game narrative alarms at once.

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