Richard Stallman, libertarians 

congratulations to alex navarro on returning to the viacom family

a lot of people on here are like "hmm i do not understand a single thing about what you're saying, anyway here's my problems with it, im also gonna be really condescending and act like this is a huge gotcha to this thing i admittedly don't understand!!!"

today's thought: we could wake up tomorrow in an industry with completely just working conditions and many people in it would still be miserable because they are laboring under definitions of success that drive them to emulate lottery winners and blame themselves when they don't also win.
(these struggles are orthogonal; we should still fight for just working conditions.)

when you're configuring iptables but you lock yourself out of your own connection

Watching Nathan Barley for the first time in 2019 is depressing. Nothing has changed in a decade and a half. Only now are people getting past the whole disillusioned individualism and realizing collective action is needed to fight against how alienating late capitalism is. It took fucking 15 years for people to get to this point of even beginning to reckon with this. We're so fucked.

This is Terry Fresh and you are listening to Gross Air.

as president one has the power to drastically re-shape American life, yet most of the candidates just stop at "what if you had a bank account that you would pay slightly less taxes on?" (yeah i know why this is the case but it doesn't make it less frustrating).

@radicalrobit its very normal that the breadth of modern discourse is a deep focus on an election every 4 years that essentially has no net gain on the people who vote in it and is the only mainframe we will allow as a country to talk about politics and the second it stops existing we dont talk about politics in any meaningful way. very normal country

this? this fuckin toot???? this fuckin toot???? this fuckin toot???? this fuckin toot???? this fuckin toot is VALID as FUCK.

*me, every single day* whats going on, did i miss something, is something going on, did a thing happen, did uhhh, what happened, seems like there was some kind of thing, was there a user involved, did a User do something bad, which User was it, let me see what they did, was it Funny, was the User doing something that was stupid and/or bad and funny, let me find who they are, let's take a look at their profi--- oh RIGHT thats why i dont know whats going on, i blocked them about a year ago

Really enjoy Laravel Valet but every time I update php via brew it breaks 🙄

i assumed they were losing money but they actually posted record profits... good economic system we have here

damn i peripherally know a lot of people who work at blizzard this sucks

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