I follow a few people who've setup profile pics on their account but still show up in my home timeline as Default Elephant (not the Megaman X boss); is there a workaround for this?

@overfull_hitbox If you log in to a different browser, does the same problem happen? If that solves it, I'd say the solution is to switch browsers.

jk the solution is to attempt to selectively kill history for just the Mastodon instances the images come from, bearing in mind that clearing the entire history is painful and forces you to log back and set back up a monstrous number of websites that you had forgotten you needed. So do not use that nuclear option.

@overfull_hitbox it seems to be a weird propagation thing with Mastodon cross-instance. this happens to me for a lot of people and even with my cache-clearing powers as an instance admin I can't fix it, it just mysteriously fixes itself eventually

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