the new greatest dating app profile that I have ever seen is just eight pics of a squirrel dressed up for different vignettes (eg renaissance, programmer) and the single line “do you think the official narrative of 9/11 is the true one let’s discuss? DTF”

I follow a few people who've setup profile pics on their account but still show up in my home timeline as Default Elephant (not the Megaman X boss); is there a workaround for this?

you have a friend who’s already thought about this more deeply and told you to watch it, but having had a few weeks to sit on it now, Utena without a doubt belongs in my personal top echelon of anime I’ve ever seen (echelon now of cardinality two)

If you really got into the Twin Peaks that stays close to the Palmer/Cooper story, it's pretty hard for me to imagine you not being pretty fascinated with it by the end

when you have to load a page that you know has your pic on it so you just try to squint as hard as can while still being able to scroll

just realized that Buzz Lightyear’s cheesy-ass catchphrase is probably a reference to the last chapter of 2001

this episode of Brooklyn 99 where Andy Sandberg decides to become a master thief made me realize he’d basically have to Lupin in the live-action movie, right

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