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Some dumb fucks are looking at a whiteboard with "101 Dalmatians" written on it.
DUMB FUCKS: we need to revamp this for the new platform
ME, A GENIUS: **adds a zero to the amount of dalmatians**
DUMB FUCKS: congrats Derek, you now own Disney

@narF My trick that works for me is putting my hand in between my eyes and the phone and holding the phone up so it's parallel my spine, which is usually vertical

That way I know I'm human and I see my hand controlling the phone instead of my mind getting "vortexed" by the phone

Never leaving my senses, and if I do I reset

Je veux vous chanter la banane, la banane des gens heureux!


You know that feeling of losing control when you open your phone to check something (say, the time) and you see notifications that pulls you into a rabbit hole of clicks, readings, videos, browsing and social media? Apparently, this phenomenon has a name: the Vortex. If you're like me, the Vortex is very appealing. I can lose days being pulled around by the Vortex. Now that I know it has a name, I can start working on slaying that beast!

lol... saying "every time I'm on a date" really sounds like it happens frequently. Ha ... ha... good joke.

Oh, this is me every time I'm on a date! Wondering the same thing. While still making silly jokes! :D

And I don't mean those horrifying ones that are made to be frightening. I'm talking normal clowns.

I don't think I can be friend with someone who's afraid of clowns.

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Lip balm and a fidget toy and paper and lots of coloured pencils!

@selfcare Everybody should share what's in their package to give ideas to other people (like me for example!)

On a good day, put together a little self-care package you can pull out for bad days. Include a few things you know will help.

Y'all should follow
@warandpeas because they are funny webcomics. I like! 👍

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