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@dansup Because Pixelfed is still fairly new and my friends aren't using it, it could be interesting to add features to help us populate our feed or discover new things. I'm thinking it could be nice to sort of bookmark hashtags to return to them later, like additional feeds based on topics. What do you think?

Wow! C'est donc ben beau ça! C'est d'la magie! Y'a un char dans rue qui reflète le soleil vers ma fenêtre, passant par les arbres, jusqu'à mon mur.
#magie #reflet #wow

Oh and don't forget about . Platforms are important because they let you access the delicious .

Soon GDC and PAX will start and we will hear about new and . Some of it will be downloadable content.

Never forget that the Internet is full of DLC. Some is free DLC, some is paid DLC. We could even say that most is good content.

Forgive the bad lighting but god dammit it's 2 am where I live and I'm too happy to be done with it to wait for natural light
Oh my gooood it's done

#mastoart #creativetoots #schoolwork #gouache #acrylic

Today for Women’s Day, I salute all the women who made me, positive and negative (because, let’s be honest, that middle-school bully had a pretty big impact on my life and so did that bad-influence friend we won’t mention), and all the women who made them.

Mother and grandmothers and aunts and cousins, friends and enemies and ones who went from one to the other. Sunday School teachers and Girl Scout leaders and that second-grade teacher that let me read in the back of the classroom; (1/2)

To outsiders, if they stayed long enough, there was an oddness to the tides in my village.

The ocean would recede for months, then trickle back over the course of a week until it was lapping at our doorsteps, and would remain so for months, before receding again.

This was perfectly normal to me, of course, I had grown up with it.

I loved opening the door to the sea, to let my mother and sisters home.

Soon it'd be my turn to go with them.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #Fantasy

Techniquement, le tool est fait pour faire des filles, mais je trouve que le résultat est pas pire quand même! Ça fait ressortir mon côté féminin i guess? :P #Picrew #Cuties_Maker #profilePicture

Tool made by
Interestingly, kids instantly see the appeal in re-learning how to bicycle. Probably intrigued by the DDR pad! #arcade11 #BabyChaos #DDR #bicycle

Je viens juste de faire le rêve le plus cool du monde. On dirait une nouvelle de Stephen King! Je viens de prendre presque une demi-heure à écrire des notes. Je pense que ça vaut la peine que je débroussaille l'histoire plus tard et que je l'écrive pour vrai.

working on an art trade. spent most of the time figuring out the sleeves + tasuki #foodfantasy #art #inprogress

My faithfil friend. Always there. Always hot. Keeps my bed warm. Recently took on an new duty: chase the neck pain away!
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