@staticsafe In windows task manager, each tab is a different process. When my computer gets slow, I blindly kill the top Firefox process. 90% of the time, it's google doc or gmail who get killed for using too much ram.

@osmosisch yeah. It's interesting to know where it might come from, but it's much more interesting to know what's going on and how to break the cycle. Glad you liked it!

@lila_bliblu @olasd avez-vous vu les autres vidéo de la même série? La boule de laine au travail (PURL) est particulièrement cool!

There was once a woman who tried to cool herself to absolute zero Show more

Wow! This is so enlightening! I had a vague understanding of the difference between alone and loneliness. And of the feelings I sometime have. This puts words on hazy concepts and helps dedramatize what this is all about. And also give good advice on how to break the cycle!

Oh and it looks damn pretty too!

About loneliness, by Kurzgesagt

also you should begin to use a browser that really respects your privacy. firefox or waterfox (if you still have old addons) should be fine for that. discord can be replaced with something like riot, but you have to take all your friends with you.

if you're using mastodon, pleroma or misskey you're already using something great. close all your other social media accounts, it would be good for your health having less people.

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watching the progression of sunrises

Since everyone seemed to love my terminal mockups, I've made another one!

This is a further design exploration, showcasing:
• background jobs label/popover
• `ls` displaying an actual list of files! Of course, they are interactive, you can drag'n'drop them from here, click them to open, and right-click for more options.
• autosuggestions being contextual: here, they suggest you to re-run `apt` as root or read the docs
• a collapsed card
• `git` using real graphics

I've made a mock-up to illustrate my ideas about the next-gen terminal experience!

• the pathbar
• username, hostname and git branch displayed in the UI, shrinking the shell prompt back to just a $
• commands as cards
• syntax highlighting, including graying out the output a bit to differentiate it from commands themselves
• autocompletion (displayed in a native widget)
• built-in error handling options
• the time each command took (on the right)

The mobile Discord app sends your device system configuration and other fingerprint-able data to an external marketing agency.


@osmosisch @cordeos Ah that's bad. Yeah, that's exactly my problem. And this really encourage me to try going to bed earlier. Thanks!

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