J'ai Tetsuya Mizuguchi à 6 mètres de moi. Est-ce que je devrais aller lui dire que je veux le marier?

(C'est le gars qui a fait et et )

Yoooo… Kara Stone is something! Having played her game this morning kinda by accident and listened to her micro-talk just now… Wow.

What she said about complaining about crush of +40 hours/week but then asking for players to spend that amount of time. That resonated with me. I suddenly realize that most of my games intentionally ask for very little time from the player.

I'm glad to have been here today.

was pretty cool on its first day. Were you there? Did you see any cool talk?

Allo! Anyone of you going at GDC? I'm just curious.

It'll be my first and I'm excited I guess :)

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