Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze, Everything, Spaceport Janitor et plus! Le podcast 221 est sorti!

GAnime, Spiderman into the Spiderverse, Telestrations et plus! Le podcast 220 est sorti!

I took this the other day as I walked back in from walking outside with little snowflakes falling.
I really like my red scarf.

Rétrospective de 2018, Blizzard, Valve, Sony, Apple et plus! Le podcast 218 est sorti!

@tabacco hi! I believe you’re our admin of
You probably know already but the instance is having on and off moments in the last day or so.
I don’t know if that’s useful but I’m attaching the error message I’m getting. Seems pretty generic though…

Les plus beaux selfies avec mes plus beaux cousins!

Minoumou, le chat à ma sœur, couché sur la trappe de chauffage parce que lui a compris comment pu avoir frette chez ma mère.

Epic Store, Hades, Call of Cthulhu, The Outer Worlds et plus! Le podcast 217 est sorti!

Minoumou, le chat de ma sœur, aime bien détruire régulièrement le village en carton sous le sapin. Elle l’appelle maintenant Godzimou. 😆

Because it’s a work jam, we’re kinda forced to use Perforce, which is terrible in general and worst in gamejam context.
So, I made sure to protest by wearing my amazing git shirt!

We're doing a gamejam at work as a "relaxing" thing to do before the holiday.
Our current prototype looks like amazing beauty!

Ashe de Overwatch, Hungry Hearts Diner, Highlands et plus! Le podcast 216 est sorti!

In 2 weeks, when things will inevitably be quite rough, I’ll be able to look at these pictures and see that it not as bad as it is right now.

Merci M.I.A. de me garder compagnie dans ma maison qui se fait vider et salir. 😣

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