Mastodon isn't really great at sending notifications and attracting you to them, but in a way, it's probably a good thing. It's a barrier of resistance against the Vortex.

The vortex has been on my mind a lot in the past few days. I see the pattern on me, jumping from notification to notification, browsing and reading the internet and social media. Abandoning Facebook and Twitter was not enough if I'm going to spend as much time on Masto and Reddit and Instagram and Pixelfed and…

Recent updates in phones' OS provided tools to help us control the vortex, but they aren't enough.

I think what would be really useful is a way to group the different interactions and people of different social group and time box them. For example, if someone from work contact me, I'll only see the notification between 9AM and 6PM. If it's a friend, it's only after work. Unless it's a close friend, who could contact me anytime.

Basically a way to group notifications by context: work, fun,etc

Having tools like that to group people into categories would be nice, but only if it work across apps. Like if I allow Messenger during the weekend for friends, I still don't want to see work stuff sent over Messenger until Monday. So I can relax and actually enjoy my weekend!

In a way, it's similar to categories in gmail I guess.

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