@xxyxxyart @staticsafe@mastodon.zombocloud.com What am I looking at?!!??

Sorry, @narF, I was just trying to be funny. It's an old scifi image I did a few years ago just for fun. πŸ˜‰

@xxyxxyart: My brain seems incapable of processing the image. That's what's so funny. Like, I can't even tell if it's a painting or a real photo? You're a real trickster! :P

I mean... It can't be real so I'm guessing it's like a photo editing. Or maybe it's those super weird and and alien looking concrete scultures in germany? (don,t remember the name)

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Spomeniks!! If you've never heard of them, search for pictures and prepare to be amazed!

Whoa! I had not seen those before @narF. They're awesome! Yes, that image was a photo with a digital render composited on. If you're interested, more of my work is on an old Instagram account instagram.com/joelpedersenarts

@xxyxxyart @narF OK. So, those black spirally spire things.

Are those Twizzlers?

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