Past years I've done separate "from this year" and "older but new to me" lists. Fuck that. An end of year list is always an "about me" list pretending to be an "about this year" list. I'm gonna talk about the experiences I loved this year.

As usual, these are roughly in increasing order of likelihood of you having heard of them. Also there probably won't be ten because decimal was invented by Big Hand to sell more fingers.

"The Tragedy of GJ237b: A role-playing game for no players." Like it says on the tin, you can't play this game, but reading the manual was one of my favorite game experiences of the year:

@mogwai_poet wow! That was intense! It’s true we cannot comprehend this!

@mogwai_poet speaking of which… Have you seen the latest video from Kurzgesagt? It’s quite similar in concept!

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