Hello !
Here is my Xmas holidays card that I'm offering freely to Mastodon users for their loved ones if you don't know what to send when the time comes :)
The terms of use : it's mostly to use with emails (but not corporate emails).
Don't make money out of it.
Don't post it on any social network (except fediverse if you like).
Don't post on a website that is not paid by you, and/or displaying ads.
Don't modify it.

If you like it and use it, buy a kofi you can :)

#Mastodon #XmasCard #mastoart

Damn brain ! I've forgotten an "if" in the last sentence : "if you can".

One thing that I've noticed in life: the people that are the more generous are often the ones that have the less in their pocket.
So, I wouldn't want someone with almost no money to feel like having to give something, I'm not yet on the streets.
Hence the "IF you can" :)

@Gynux haha yeah, I know. I was just joking. You’re very right. I noticed the same thing. Maybe it’s because those people really know how it feels when you have nothing.

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