What if Yoshi's body had Yoshi's head? 

Hello friends, I made a new bot! @PixelMonsterBot will generate sets of random pixel art monsters every four hours. It also on Twitter if you want twitter.com/PixelMonsterBot

Got my two most popular bots posting on Mastodon, if you want that sweet, sweet content: @JPEGBot and @metalband_exe

closing twitter during an apple event remains among my best decisions

I ported my favorite Twitter bot to Mastodon. If you want some dogs in your timeline check out @ProbablyADogPic

I accidentally set @ReallyImportantPodcast back to post every two hours. It's now up to every six hours, which should be way less noisy. It's also on Twitter now too: twitter.com/animportantpod If you love seeing the same content in multiple places.

Should I move @ReallyImportantPodcast to botsin.space? I am very bad at mastodon etiquette! It's going to add a lot of stuff to the local timeline here even at the new reduced interval (4 hours).

(I'm not really feeling less sick, BUT) Looking this over, I foolishly wrote this code to be fairly coupled to twitter! gotta untangle this mess. past me is an awful programmer 100% of the time.

I don’t have any good content so here is my dog. She’s my desk buddy at work every Wednesday. idlethumbs.social/media/0aECwK

Soon as I feel less sick and get some free time I’m gonna work on porting some Twitter bots to masto. They still haven’t approved my dev application after like 3+ months, super cool.

oh, but if I make a weird crunched up browser window I'm somehow much less overwhelmed by masto's web app. not perfect but good!

Is there a Mac Tweetbot but for Mastodon? Tootbot?

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