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yeah, i make stuff!!! here is the game i made for Wizard Jam some time back

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Today was my last first day of school, probably ever! Wish me luck this year, I just have to not fail anything 🤙

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home alone, just got a drink and started playing Tacoma.... power just went out 👎 praying to the video game gods to make this right!

but i promise, i do LIKE programming! i just like projects, and doing things with it, not just learning the quirks of a programming language. i am taking a graphics course and a GAME PROGRAMMING course, so hopefully i get some cool projects out of those!

prepping for the start of classes next week by working through some of a c++ book and... i hate working through programming books. it makes me feel like i hate programmin

what are some of your favorite “time to get some work done” albums? my most listened to album by far during heavy work times is the cowboy bebop soundtrack! (highly recommended btw)

his new favorite spot is on the laundry basket... he’s just always there

honestly, interactive fiction doesn't usually click with me, and this took minute for me to get into, but stick with it and i'm sure you'll like it!!!

just listened to latest ep of Game Studies Study Buddies (which is a great podcast about, uh, game studies) and played Galatea on their recommendation. super compelling interactive fiction by Emily Short ->

sorry for the huge toot, wow 500 characters is a lot lol

has anybody got any thoughts on how valuable having some kind of "online presence" is to future employment? i'm in my last year studying CS (hoping to work in game dev), and i've never really been one to be a part of online communities. like, i am just bad at twitter and don't really like it. but should i suck it up since so many industry peeps are on it and use it just for the sake of networking? because honestly, i've had more fun with this little community than others i've been a part of!!

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i’ve been really down on work lately (i work at a grocery store), but am hopeful that i will be able to move on to something more fulfilling soon! i will be done with school this year, hoping to do cool things after that!!!

boost if you have a crappy job you don’t like, but you work hard and hope to do better soon!

big boy likes to lay in front of the tv (only when i am using it). he gets as low as he can so i don’t kick him off lol

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