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Announcing VOID BASTARDS, a sci fi procedural strategy Douglas Adams-em-up. Jon Chey directs, I narrative design, etc youtube.com/watch?v=HkQvQ7H5HR

~3 months to finish this game D:
i'm slightly freaking out

spoilers: the J. Arthur Keenes band is actually just one dude

if y'all like super dense layered noise pop/neo-psych listen to the J. Arthur Keenes band. this record is a solid start: thejarthurkeenesband.bandcamp.

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Surprise: Regular Human Basketball has turned out to be a biiiig hit with the children. We published a video about it a few weeks ago: youtube.com/watch?v=BqwqzVXNXm

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Petition to replace the term 'walking simulator' with 'stroll-playing game'

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#intro I'm Alan and I make thinky puzzle games.
Sokobond: sokobond.com/
A Good Snowman Is Hard To Build: agoodsnowman.com/
Cosmic Express: cosmicexpressgame.com/
More: draknek.org/
I'm working on a new game and sometimes I'll post screenshots of the evolving world map here.

here's what that song looks like in the sequencer. 60bpm for easy syncage.

Figured out how to sync Hypnospace Tune Sequencer songs with gifs. Heck yeah. Now to think of more clever uses for this breakthrough tech.

this track is actually by swordofkings128 (I don't know the fella's real name) who is making the game Frog Days which looks bonkers and amazing. look it up.

here's zared, the real recording artist i've been listening to lately and not a fictional one from my game Hypnospace Outlaw wishlist it now thanks

hi i'm on this website again because the idle thumbs slack. what are the cool things to do here? well, bye.

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