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Hey folks, I made a videogame! It's a super chill first person game where you spend some time in a nice space and play to enjoy the view.

I hope you'll like it

I've been working on this game for months but I… I think I'm done? One hour in a James Turrell Skyspace: The Color Inside comes out next week!

Stumbled on this spot today: in 1602, Queen Elizabeth was here drinking with a man she intended to knight, but fell asleep and--waking up still drunk--knighted the tree instead. Hence the place name "Honor Oak"!

Solarpunk and Art Nouveau – short thread 

It makes me sad when people dismiss Art Nouveau as being "for the rich" while acting as if things aren't really Solarpunk unless they're gritty or recycled looking. People act as if pretty things are only for the wealthy – which is just what the wealthy want you to believe.

Art Nouveau is perfect for the Solarpunk movement, and not just because of the plant-based themes. It's deeper than that.

Art Nouveau was an inherently anti-capitalist movement.

Nobody knows why these specific GeoCities web pages - 237 total - all vanished on the same day in 1999. But when they suddenly reappeared exactly 20 years later, they were... clearly not under the control of their original creators. As the world's foremost Paranormal Webmistress, it's your job to find out who - or what - is behind this.

Watching some skate videos and this old Rodney Mullen clip came up in recommends. As someone who always wanted to skate but never could, this one’s so good it makes me angry.

The neural net trained on a combination of robotics teams and Night Vale transcripts produced some of the most unsettling team names.

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I bought both “Heaven Will Be Mine” and “Extreme Meatpunks Forever”. Visual novels never really clicked for me but both these games nailed aesthetics, themes and politics.

Can't wait to play them this weekend.

(Also: mechas are a thing again and I couldn't be happier about that)

Micro progress (after two hours of messing around) on my James Turrell game: I have a main menu 🙌🏻

I think the ARG is over. I found nothing on my way to the office today. :(

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