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Feature request: Mastodon-style “this account has been redirected HERE” notices, but for everything I’ve ever said online in the last 20 years, pointing to the most recent thing I said.

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Just found a file on my PC called "mylife.jpg" from January 31, 2006:

Still one of my favorite gaming moments captured on video, biased heavily because it’s two of my favorite people playing Far Cry 2, but man what a thing. With this release, there is now a first person game engine that integrates LucasArts' "iMUSE" interactive music system. Granted, it doesn't have several of the features that made all the beautiful transitions in Monkey Island 2's Woodtick possible. But I like the idea of people someday making Doom-fidelity things with fully dynamic MIDI scores. Seems like a good composer and a good level designer could really make some lovely stuff with that.

food - candy 

Saw this in the store and had to buy it because of how incredibly gross and upsetting this label looked. But also how desirable to me, a person who likes awful candies that have interesting mouthfeels.

Rating: fine :/

Trip was extremely good. Sorry to the few folks who sent recommendations for what to do - I mostly forgot to look at social media for the last week which made things even better. (Again sorry, but that is surely understandable.)

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Someone carved the alphabet into a tree and let it deform for five years and made a font out of it:

Going to NYC for a few days (weds-sun) for basically no reason. Haven’t taken a trip like this in approximately infinity years. Looking forward to it. Send toot.

Here’s the second preview to my upcoming project: Music MiniPlayer. I wanted to keep the playlist chooser functionality from Music Widget but had to come up with a new idea for it because the MiniPlayer never had this. Solution: Bring back the sliding Drawers!

PS: You won’t find this on BirdSite. 😉

Wait are these not officially called toots anymore? That’s probably for the best but also a shame.

(I saw Doctor Strange and while I was mostly just sort of whelmed by it, there was one notable shot in it that made me think, damn it’s been a while since I saw Evil Dead II.)

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Watched Evil Dead II for the first time in probably 15 years. Turns out it’s still good! As more time passes and it fade seven farther into the woodwork, it’s wild how much of the modern genre aesthetic owes a debt of gratitude to this movie.

I tend to be skeptical of “new” games for having much staying power after the novelty wears off, but Knotwords (basically a mashup of crosswords and sudoku) has a really neat and satisfying pacing and game loop. Each puzzle is slow and baffling at the start, and then just snowballs as words get filled in one after the next.

When marketing comes up with a new product name and everyone just approves without even reading it…

This isn't to say that putting them in a big box automatically Elevates them in some objective way. But I do feel like the teams at Telltale put so much of themselves into the games, gave more to the company than it probably deserved. Internally these games always felt like "stepping stones to something greater" for the company/management, while for the team... these games were the point! It felt good to see and touch a version that didn't feel ephemeral, like it would slip out of my hand.

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It's a little cheesy how much power a "big game box" can hold over a certain type of brain, I guess. I wasn't expecting the thing to have much of an effect on me other than liking the aesthetics, but unwrapping it and opening it see the game was, I would say, *annoyingly* emotional as an experience. Apparently I still have complicated contextual anxiety over how "real" the Telltale adventures were, as budget downloadable games living in the shadow of LucasArts classics that got me into games.

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Over the last few years some friends and former coworkers of mine have been chipping away at remastering the Telltale Sam & Max games, after buying the games and assets from Telltale when the company died spectacularly in 2018. We did a physical release last year which I got to do all the design work on, and I finally got mine and opened it today... It turned out way better than I was expecting. (I didn't expect the little cardboard inserts for each layer!)

The latest Games from the Black Hole pays tribute to my favorite health bar in games, from the old PC Spider-Man game.


I'm pleased to note that even, my Mastodon server where the only letter you are allowed to post is "e", has seen increased activity in the last few days.

Thanks Eeeeelon!

New blog post: I dug up a cancelled Mac game so rare, there isn’t a single post about it on the internet! You read it here first.

Spellgram would have been a CD-ROM adventure game from Bandai with a focus on symbols and hidden spells, and it was going to be directed by Takehiko Ito, the creator of Outlaw Star. Honestly it looks pretty interesting. I’ve included a gallery with every screenshot I’ve recovered.

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