I don’t know if it’s just the weather or what, but this whole weekend, my bathroom has been full of daddies long leg.

Back in middle school, I went to my friends house and he was so embarrassed that his mom bought him Teddy Grahams and not Dizzy Grizzlies.

When did they discontinue Dizzy Grizzlies and what the hell were they thinking?

I had been sitting on Into the Breach in the hopes that it would make it to the Switch, but looks like my waiting has paid off!

Although between this and Dead Cells, there’s too much I want to play on the Switch.

Whoever gets the exclusive 500 million PS4 #42069/50000 is going to be sitting on a goddamn gold mine.

Yo, podcasters—if you have to draw attention to how good your segue is, it ceases to be a good segue!

Venture Bros season 7 spoilers 

A Cafe X kiosk opened right across from my work, a place where a robot makes your coffee.
But a robot can’t restock, so they have to hire someone for that and to deal with tech issues. And it’s expensive tech, so they have to have a security guard on hand at all times. And I’ve seen up to three people at once advertising and handing out fliers.
All for what’s basically an expensive vending machine.

@ianghawkes And don’t get me wrong, there’s also plenty of complaining about Mastodon on here.

> My timeline on Twitter is just full of people complaining about twitter.
ME: fuck this, I’m out.
> My timeline on Mastodon is full of people complaining about *the bird site.*
ME: ahh, much better.

Mastodon still seems to have a very high barrier of entry, but I understand the appeal more in a smaller instance. On a huge instance, the local timeline is all but useless.

Idle Mastodon

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