stay the fuck at home especially if your doctor prescribes you unproven medications to "prevent covid complications"

do not come into the pharmacy. i hate you

happy new year's, i drank while watching a bad nic cage movie (with commentary). i'm going to stand up and have to play it cool

first day of holiday: i've done so much cleaning

can't not boost this song

i heard it for the first time in a while and it made me remind myself that i still live

a guy on youtube said "an ipod or a zune were the obvious choices" and damn i want to have a zune now

so this is what tech podcasts mean when they say that eventually you'll want a backup for your backups. oh i see.......

constantly anxious today. no real cause - a bad dream and some bad clients in the pharmacy today but i don't think that's why

tonight's bored task: read half of chapter 1 of a marie kondo book, then start sorting through a pile of magazines from two moves ago.

this Canadian Pharmacist's Journal is four years out of date

being in public is anxiety-inducing. i've been publicly using my inhaler (whereas before I would duck behind a corner) and i don't know what to do about my seasonal allergies

god i've been staying inside for the last week of my holiday (already sucks but at least i didn't have to go to work in a PHARMACY) checking my temperature compulsively and fuckin' loading up on my inhalers

i have a friend who LOVES quotes. he's sarted making up quotes with attributions to himself and he's a monster now

we're moving into our own place for once and man, i'm looking at buying flatware worth more than a dollar for the first time

the worst part of taking photos is sorting through them later. it's just all the highs and lows of the past year all over again. i guess i know the reason why i put off archiving my photos for so long

i took this screenshot of a sequin Nick Cage pillow a month ago thinking that i'd use it but i haven't yet!

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ding ding ding i found a winner for worst energy bar ("love good fats"). i'm already feeling a bit iffy and i gagged a bit after a few bites

an announcement: in two weeks i will be an eyeglasses wearer

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