Wizard Jam, the EIGHTH annual Idle Thumbs community game jam starts next Friday and runs for two weeks! Come make games with us! idlethumbs.net/forums/topic/12

Idle Game Update : Tried a couple new things on Kongregate/Android, none of em grabbed me, so I'm back on the Factory Idle. Still very, very deeply satisfying.

couple fun pieces from the MFA's 'Japanese Prints: The Psychedelic Seventies' (Takeda Hideo, Reika Iwami, Tadanori Yokoo)

@boodoo I probably shouldn't admit it on the idlethumbs.social shard but I've listened to...maybe 10% of the IiT's

i imagine signing onto facebook for the first time in 2018 is just as weird and confusing, maybe worse

@boodoo i dont understand mastodon enough to get this joke (...is this a joke???)

damn I hate twitter as much as the next person but this is very confusing

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