Cackled like an idiot for solid minutes this morning remembering Brumbpo Tungus. 

We can already "Boost" posts, maybe should change the "Toot" verb to "Scoop"
Has this suggestion been made?

Are there too many toots out there about using Mastodon itself and/or ones acknowledging that it’s not Twitter? Not enough?

Metatoots? It’s early days yet.

Had a meme idea so good that I laughed out loud, and was briefly super-tempted to make a Twitter account again. Love my healthy brain.


Unfortunately, it turned out to be malarkey. I had high hopes that it would be effective way.

Hello all! will be down for a little bit starting at 4pm pacific. This will be to allow us to upgrade to 2.5.0 with fancier profiles and things. existing is right up there with "Inventors killed by their own inventions" as far as top-tier Wikipedia articles.

This is what this Mastodon is for, right? Can anyone tell me which Idle Thumbs UK episode was it where Rusalka's sisters sang the theme song?

A side-effect of this website reminding me a lot of how the other website felt 10 years ago is that it makes me feel much more at ease reminiscing about Strong Bad and Butt Drugs and then posting this about that.

state of mind stuff 

seen a couple people talking about what "boost" reminds them of and for me it's this bit from idle thumbs

I still think about the Strong Bad game often. Besides being huge concentration of solid Homestar content, I feel like it also found its own flavor of excellent weirdness. The timing of its release was odd (in terms of the timeline of initial Strong Bad popularity —> Strong Bad nostalgia) and it faced a lot of developmental hurdles, so I’m not sure how much of a legacy it’ll leave. But damn, I crack a smile whenever I randomly remember funny bits from that game.

Maybe a little regret that I ditched my Twitter account in the deletiest way possible prior to jumping in here. A little tough to find folks I know, and it’s harder to regurgitate my unseen Twin Peaks joke tweets that I really liked, and other people should have.

Finally, a place where my posts can be truly underappreciated.

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