If tomorrow’s story isn’t “Women drive huge Dem House pickups across the country”, you’re all doing it wrong.

Last night we caught Bad Times at the El Royale just before it left theaters.

Clearly a B+ descendent of Pulp Fiction, but that still makes it more fun and interesting than most crime movies.

Catch it once it’s streaming.

If you don’t stop and pet every dog in Red Dead you’re playing it wrong.

Restorations have put out the most charmingly full-throated straight-up indie rock record I may have heard all year?*


*with a male singer. I’ve heard like 10 great female-led indie rock albums this year.

No matter how many Battle Royale games come in the future, I think I’ll probably stick with playing Battlegrounds (poorly) for a few hours every month or so and enjoying what a tense, brilliant, simple game it continues to be.

Home from work, time to unwind and forget about the office by flipping through a nice magazi…OOOH MY GOD.

Oh dang I’m gonna get crazy addicted to clearing Forza Horizon 4 races now, aren’t I...
*checks clock, 3 hours have passed*
Mmmmm Hmm

Saw The Predator last night.
The reason why: Shane Black.
The reaction: Why, Shane Black?

The whitest person I can think of becoming a spokesperson for IZOD is an almost Muskian self-own.

‪There really ought to be a “Chef’s kiss” emoji.‬

Oh shit, there are new Apple TV 4k screensavers for me to get sucked into staring at for way longer than you’d think!

I’ll bet that most people watching Amazon’s Rudolph/Armisen show “Forever” see themselves as a June, when in fact most people are totally Oscars.

Only complaint is that in a game whose moral message centers so heavily on science, Mr Negative's supernatural aspects felt out of place and off theme.

Loved, however, their use of dream-states to visualize psychological trials and mess with mechanics -- another great borrow from some of Arkham's most memorable moments.

Having now 100-percented Spider-Man (PS4), I can say without reservation that it is an extraordinary piece of work.

An excellent take on the landmark Arkham games with a brighter world and more virtuous protagonist. Truly meaningful supporting cast. Main villains with real depth and motivation. Moving through the world was always a joy, and the many, many fights never grew tedious thanks to the expressive combat system.

This song is beautiful and this video is beautiful and @rianjohnson has a beautiful soul.

Damn, how does American Vandal manage to be a cutting true crime parody, stay this slyly funny, deliver a legit mystery plot, repeat its incredibly sensitive examination of American teenage life, AND cast such excellent young unknowns, all AGAIN in season 2? What a terrific show.

Context collapse, eh. I keep talking about topics I already talked about, but I still get responses that are completely confused because they haven't seen those posts. In my mind, there is continuity between all that I say, but on other people's feeds, there's no such thing. So many social issues on the internet come from that disconnect.

The closest I get to understanding EDM/raver culture is an excellent shoegazey rock show. Hard to say what the songs are “about”, I just love the feeling of loud live distorted guitars. It’s like a really specific brand of ASMR, but more badass.
(seeing Nothing live tonight in SF)

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