I'm currently feeling very happy with myself as a person and confident I can lead a life that feels full and meaningful. It's very strange. Not a feeling I'm used to

hey here I am on the list of lightning talks at the next !!con: bangbangcon.com/speakers.html

just one of... by my count four(!) talks about artistic applications of computational phonetics, for some reason

I'm done with a job I really did not like and stayed at for way too long. It feels like a massive burden has been lifted

Have 90 minutes to kill before I hop on a train and move out of Boston. If youre from NYC and want to meet I'm moving there so let's be friends

Picking up keys to my new apartment and moving in next week eeeee

I started playing Kingdom Hearts 1 again last night why am I like this

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Queer Eye but it's five spoiled rich bozos attempting to climb Mount Everest

A terrible part of my brain wants me to play all the kingdom hearts games and I hate it

I officially got a job offer! I've been looking to change for a long time and the company really seems like a great fit.
Still need to figure out how to negotiate salary/benefits though b/c I have no idea how to do this 😂

RFC-15 is an important one: it's the initial proposal for Telnet! The first version of this program was written in late 1969 and it's a tool that I still occasionally use today, which is really amazing when you think about it.


You can follow along with my series commenting on the first 365 RFCs here @365-rfcs

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If moving to a new city, is it a good idea to try and find a short-term place to live and use the time actually living there to find a neighborhood that's right for you?
(Asking for me: I could be moving to NYC)

I really might be making a big life change soon, that I've wanted to make for so long. It feels pretty overwhelming and thrilling. Didn't think I'd actually be able to get here

I'm obsessed with the horn part of "Happy" by Mitski

Got some really exciting news that I'm so jazzed about. nervous but excited

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