I saw Only Yesterday last night and was profoundly moved. I have to assume it's delayed release in US isn't why it's talked about among other Ghibli movies.
Watching it was an absolute gift. It's really something special

I feel myself becoming a Boutique Blu-Ray weirdo. No sense fighting it

Jesus RRR was fantastic. Made me wonder what American blockbusters are even doing with their time anymore

Burning and labeling your Twin Peaks Blu Rays and seeing that the Don Davis interview is one of the longest of the cast interviews, that's the good stuff

The Blank Check miniseries on Raimi has been pretty great. Been fun to get context on those movies and see some movies I probably never would have seen otherwise

I've just begun ripping my blu-ray collection to my plex server...Is there a good way to handle commentary tracks + bonus features? My inclination is to just rip everything, see what happens, and go from there.

I love Sam Raimi! This new Dr. Strange is 2 hours. It shouldn't be hard, but I watch a trailer for it, feel absolutely nothing, and lose all desire to watch it

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I sometimes wish I could work up desire to see a Marvel movie because they are such cultural touchstones and give me more avenues of connection with people, but I get so exhausted just thinking about the emotional reaction I know the movie will give me.

Figured this would be worth shouting into the fediverse. The job I liked was acquired by a company I do not like, so I am looking for a new job! I'm a "full-stack" developer. (Whatever that means), and most important to me is working with people I like + share values with, and generous leave policy (preferably paid + unpaid)

I should have not have been made aware that the Halo Multiplayer Voice guy has a cameo, I can't stop thinking of terrible decisions around this information

I'm getting a bit nervous about having all my password data on 1password. Anyone have alternatives?

mental health 

This has happened before. I will be fine. I have support right now. Just feeling a bit out of sorts.

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mental health 

just went back on SSRI's this week and sometimes it can really cause these really emotional unbalances that can be extremely challenging to deal with. Hoping things will stable out soon

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