very politically ignorant question 

me, listening to a nuanced political debate at work: sure, sure, but, have you considered:

I don't understand how anyone would feel OK about making a new Streets of Rage game without getting Yuzo Koshiro lined up to do the music ahead of time.

heart emoji legend:

❤️ = standard level of fondness
🧡= idk if this one shows up on your OS but if it does: ;)
💛 = I adore your kind heart / sup, piss pal
💚 = Gamer Love™️
💙 = the most platonic color. no one shall suspect. im a genius
💜 = I’m outwardly flirty and inwardly screaming
🖤 = i’M a LiTtLe FuCkEd Up >;J
💖 = enough fuckin around, i’m bringing in The Big Guns
💕 = we’re dating at this point
💞 = we’re engaged at this point
💝 = sup, bondage pal
💔 = nobody uses this one. c’mon.

evil: tweet malone
neutral: post malone
good: toot malone

Lmao, a local politician looking for reelection just came by, dad asks what are the issues? Dude says there are no issues... SMH

Here's the deal when Kissinger dies:

1. Absolutely no antisemitism will be tolerated

2. Anybody praising him should join him on the funeral pyre

“White indie rock artist tweefully covers hip hop” is the only universally bad genre of music.

Bethesda 2006: The White-Gold Tower? Definitely grey.

message of all 1950’s songs: i want to fuck a teenager. i’ve made this clear in no uncertain terms.

baby boomers: music was so innocent back then...

From here on out all my toots will be unflinching.

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