Update: it’s okay, the author pulled through in the end. (It’s Mexican Gothic btw)

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I’ve been really enjoying a book and have been looking forward to reading it every night, but it just took a turn that I really didn’t like and it’s killed all my momentum.

I’m happy to see NPR finally dropped that draconian requirement that headline writers have to understand what words mean.

My age: old enough that I don’t understand exactly how my TV remote works, young enough not to call it a “clicker.”

Graffiti in the Paw Patrol universe says All Cops Are Bitches

There needs to be an equivalent of Charity Navigator based on impact on donors. I deeply regret ever donating to the ACLU or Doctors Without Borders, because they've never stopped sending me genuinely obscene amounts of junk mail. So much waste!

Here’s a video of YouTuber Chris Ramsay solving a specially-made puzzle box in real time, leading to a teaser for a new project. youtu.be/1AFYEp3UXEY

I tend to be skeptical of “new” games for having much staying power after the novelty wears off, but Knotwords (basically a mashup of crosswords and sudoku) has a really neat and satisfying pacing and game loop. Each puzzle is slow and baffling at the start, and then just snowballs as words get filled in one after the next.


I’m a 50 year old man who regularly writes essays about Star Wars for no reason, but I still frequently have cringing moments remembering how nerdy I USED to be.

Interesting (?) find from last night’s purge: the Sony Clie, their Palm Pilot device that I’d completely forgotten that I ever had. It was pretty neat and had a lot of the same “design language” as their personal audio players, but was doomed to obscurity next to the Handspring Treo and then, of course, the iPhone. (I would’ve kept this for novelty value, but the battery had expanded and burst through its casing).

The Playdate is cool I guess but what I really really want is for the Pantscast app to come back.

Has somebody already made a game based on that Junji Ito story where you have to help characters find the hole that’s made for them?

I was just randomly remembering some BS review meeting during Sam & Max where I’d written “when the story reaches its bowel-tingling climax” and it got SUCH a stink-face reaction. I’m glad we kept it in, because it’s one of my favorite lines in the game.

Are “Temptations” cat treats laced with something? My cat has been such a health nerd for 15 years that he refused anything that wasn’t science diet, but he loves those cat treats and they’re all he’ll eat now. Even over raw tuna!

This ridiculous game “A Joke Worth $0.99” is my favorite thing on the Playdate and pretty much nailed the spirit of the device entirely and brilliantly.


The down side to Panic’s making it so easy to make games for the Playdate is that I’m currently five games deep into a stack of game ideas in progress. I’ll work for a night on something and then suddenly get another idea I’d rather switch to.

(Not being fully aware of where your toots are going is another side effect of being middle aged)

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A side advantage of being too born-in-the-1970s to fully understand Mastodon: because I still don’t fully understand the difference between the local server and the federated one, it’s a valuable reminder you don’t know who’s potentially listening and an incentive not to over-share.

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