making the kirby 'VWHEEEEEE' sucking noise as i rapidly like every profile on tinder

i do enjoy writing, but i hate putting all the beginning and end and context shit that you mostly need, so i think i might instead just start putting down little vignettes of fiction. At the very least it'll be a good exercise for GMing

absolutely furious from missing out on the destiny raids. SIX PEOPLE?!??!!? I need to know five other people??? i barely even know myself

im single and ready for original flavour pringles

when a mozzie gets inside ur mosquito net when ur tryin to sleep

i keep getting 100 dollar wine vouchers with packages. 100 dollars!!! thats a lot of wine, but probably still a scam somehow

back on my doom2 bullshit. still not yet deep enough to figure out why everyone hates brutal doom, seeing as it has ~the best shotgun~

As a child: *captures every spider under a bowl and transports them outside safely and responsibly*

As an adult: *uses a cardboard tube to herd a large spider down the wall of my bedroom, across the floor, down the hallway, into the lounge, where it finally becomes skittish and aggressive* alright, cool, someone elses problem now

And that someone else MIGHT be me in the future... exciting!

people complaining red dead redemption 2 is too slow but are too cowardly to play the doom 2 mod where you get a six shooter

you know i never call a numbered sequel its name without the number, but once it exists, i will now never be satisfied that just saying 'read dead redemption' to refer to the first will be enough. From now on it is read dead redemption... ONE.

this shadow of wardor game, heck, i love these damn ORCS



adding more ram to a computer is probably the most satisfying upgrade. you dont need to swap out anything, no pesky cables, no drivers to install, you just.... plug it in... and the computer becomes stronger...

worried that the pet would be up too late even tho its still light outside cause of daylight savings then realised that ive spent my whole life just assuming animals went along with the hour skip forward and tbh just clocks in general i guess

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