Trying to discover why Zak McClendon left Psychonauts 2 while the game's about to wrap up production

It's been a hard day at the office, boy I tell ya

Lifehack: * sign up as a driver for a food delivery service
* order from a restaurant with a low delivery fee on the same delivery service
* sign in and take your own job
* go and pick up your order, and get paid for it

now that Google+ is being shut down, I really should look into a postmortem of its design. There's a real blind spot in social software design, and people routinely model designs after badly designed software (and create the same problems).

Spotify sent me an email telling me what bands are doing gigs in Sydney over the next few months of the artists I listen to

...which is weird, but... welcome

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1. Self-driving cars are claimed to be ready for the roads right now

2. The most reliable way to prove you are human online is to select regions of an image that contain a stop sign.

-- Nick M

It is genuinely hard to fathom that, after ten years, the rug store perpetually having a closing down sale in Rozelle will actually *close*

It's a Sydney icon, it is

Really makes you think

And not just about deceptive business practices

Fell down a rabbit hole of categorising Persona 4 spin-offs. There's a few! All of them get the entire cast back together, aged up, and all of them apparently all fit on the same timeline.

Imagine getting a cool superpower but having your innermost secrets betrayed by the deadly alternate dimension only you can travel in. Imagine that happening, over and over again, on a regular basis.

Imagine the Persona 4 kids at 30, getting pulled back behind the TV.

I appreciate Gotye's commitment to his art that he literally has become somebody that we used to know

Got my code working right at hometime. Extremely satisfying

Hey remember when we were going to run out of URLs

5 minutes later I discover that the search results match on similar words while the filter matches words exactly and one of the words in the filter was a plural

I'm trying to set up a Gmail filter and it's matching only a fraction of the results the search query *built from the filter* returns. Every single Google result is "here's how to set up a filter!"

Oh, I know, unhelpful Google results. I've set up filters you people wouldn't believe

Which is why I'm in this position

I really enjoy the irony of people trying to do good things in ways that cause real damage. (For instance, these sustainability researchers I'm overhearing, while thoughtful, don't really come from particularly diverse backgrounds. That causes blindspots.)

(But that doesn't mean that people without those blindspots don't have their own blindspots! We're all fuckups forever and we're going to have to be okay with that)

I'm eavesdropping on sustainability researchers talking about progress on banning single-use plastics. The contrast between the hysterical social media reaction and the thoughtfulness of the people doing the work fascinates me.

I'm learning that I can't just rely on osmosis from American sources for 'what anime movies are good' because the Australian distributor gets them out here well before Americans run across it.

Anyway, Mirai is apparently really sweet and I shall report back

Oh god it's Australian politics #auspol 

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oh no they are switching mastodon over to kinja after a hostile takeover :(

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