Olly's prints have arrived! I was getting worried as Canada customs are bad but yay for delivery.

Now, how to display them...

Live in 5 I'm taking a wee break from Total War (it will return next week!) and doing some multiplayer Don't Starve Together!

@SL128 will be joining me and if we have spare spot you are more than welcome to pop in. :)


When you're having a bad brain day and need to stream, sometimes switching it up and grabbing a few pals can be just what you need. <3

Here is your monthly reminder that you are all a Cool Spot.

Guess who played/streamed Hearthstone after years of not touching it, got two legendary cards in one pack (one gold) and then learned she could get her best girl as a face.

It's me. ME.

Look at this SWEET GIRL. Might actually play HS often now.

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