Ni no Kuni II is one of the first RPG games I've played in a long time that I could just sit and never stop playing.

@Feeona what were your feelings on the first one and how does this one compare?

@webzarp I think the fact I only played 10 hours of the first one then didn't go back speaks volumes. I adored the art style and the story was whimsical and fun but... It just didn't have that staying power.

Thankfully you don't have to have played the first to play the second as they are separate games.

NnKII has a satisfying quest system, very fun minigames and everything you do feels like it's benefiting you in some way, whether it's outfitting your heroes or upgrading your castle.

@webzarp It feels like it respects my time which is huge in my book. I've never needed to grind enemies for levels which leads into complaints folks have had about it being 'too easy'.

I think it's the right amount of difficulty for this sort of JRPG (they have added in a hard mode however), there's miniboss mobs that still pack a punch.

Combat in the first felt like it could be a slog, catching and raising wee creatures to fight for you, in II there's no such slowdown.

@webzarp I'm only 16ish hours in but honestly I didn't want to stop streaming it today and that's after 5 solid hours of playing it. :)

@Feeona after having twins I have no patience for games that require grinding, so you’ve sold me. Thanks!

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