Streaming with my dumb gif bot that turns lines of text in chat into gifs on stream :D
Come try it out!

Finishing yesterday's Ravnica Allegiance draft and maybe starting another?
Come watch

Streaming a Ravnica Allegiance Draft :D Come watch and suggest better plays

@MasterGunner @starlitghost I guess I'm lucky to be in the project stream beta for the game, I haven't seen that popup yet.

Although I wasn't able to launch the game at all last night so I guess it's not 100% upside :/

Streaming the first Idle Thumbs Artifact Team Draft Tournament where Team Space will fight Team Jam for supreme dominance :D

Come watch @

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Gonna play through all of Celeste this weekend :D First half starting now, second half tomorrow afternoon :D

Streaming more Artifact draft :D Last night we went 4-2, can we do better tonight?

Playing through the second half of Owlboy today. Gonna beat up that big evil robot pirate!

Gonna try and play through all of Owlboy this weekend, then maybe Celeste next weekend?

@ekimekim Did you read Derek Yu's book on spelunky? It's very good.

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