Streaming with my dumb gif bot that turns lines of text in chat into gifs on stream :D
Come try it out!

Finishing yesterday's Ravnica Allegiance draft and maybe starting another?
Come watch

Streaming a Ravnica Allegiance Draft :D Come watch and suggest better plays

Streaming the first Idle Thumbs Artifact Team Draft Tournament where Team Space will fight Team Jam for supreme dominance :D

Come watch @

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Gonna play through all of Celeste this weekend :D First half starting now, second half tomorrow afternoon :D

Streaming more Artifact draft :D Last night we went 4-2, can we do better tonight?

Playing through the second half of Owlboy today. Gonna beat up that big evil robot pirate!

Gonna try and play through all of Owlboy this weekend, then maybe Celeste next weekend?

Me: listening to new and interesting music all day
My brain: let's have that song from 1994 that the kids sing while principal skinner drives the bus play through your head constantly forever.

love to update my mac and have things ask for permissions again

Oh, I just unlocked this little car, let's use it for the next race.

Turns out it has a top speed of 70 mph when going downhill with a tailwind :D None of the AI cars could make it up the first icy turn until they all warped behind me :D

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my friend @Kells's super cute game 'Calico' is up on kickstarter this month, please check it out if you like cats, magical girls, cafés, and combinations of those :blob_cat:

Another Heat Signature Daily Challenge stream time :D #6: Carbon "The Ghost" Stonelock and the theft of the Phact Mark I

Heat Signature Daily Challenge #5: We have to steal this pharo device and we have to do it fast!
Come watch:

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